Staff Augmentation

Bring the Best Industry Talent in House and Fulfil Business Objectives

Seeking strategic staffing solutions to bring the best talent home? The increasing competition and ever-changing business scenario have popularized the idea of strategic staffing, and now it’s an inseparable part of the industry.

Corevance offers a wide range of staffing solutions for companies. Our services can help you fulfil the need of quality workforce required to navigate your business in the right direction. Make us your partner and see how our staff augmentation solution and bring efficiency in your business operations.

We create a workforce management strategy which caters to your business’s needs.

Why Corevance?

Outsourcing Staffing

We at Corevance offer a wide range of staffing solutions to meet your specific requirements. It includes technical and managerial roles for suitable candidates. Hence, if you are looking for the right talent for the right job, give us the task and see how we can help you.

Excellent Managed Services

Sometimes organizations face several difficulties in managing specific tasks and we aim to offer managed services to boost the performance. The managed services can help various businesses to overcome emergency situations from time to time.

Effective Consultation

Our services can help you to find the right candidate for your organization.

Unique Approach to Marketing

We tend to offer the best solutions to our clients. We follow a client centric approach of marketing that helps us to make a difference in reality.

Cost Efficiency

We aim to offer the best solutions at a lower price so that you can effectively boost your business.

CoreVance is ideal for your company because

Domain and skill-specific
Extensive Database of direct Vendors and Resumes in Tech industry
Direct Hire model – 15% Flat

( Compare to 30% industry standards)

Best quality IT Technical and management resources
Ingenious talent
Evaluation Process
Software & Computing
Mobile & Electronics
Government bodies
Environment & Engineering

Our Speciality

Effective models for offshore /onsite delivery
Skilled professionals who can help you in managing various tasks
Highly affordable
Client-centric approach
Customized solutions with the highest quality
Staffing capacity for various requirements
Corevance is proud to offer the best staffing solutions across the world and our experts can help you to make a difference.
Direct Placement

We find the best talent at 15% of the finder’s fee and guarantee for 30 Days

Contract Placement

Allows our customers to the flexibility to hire on a project or temporary basis according to business needs.


Allows our customers to assess contract employees first hand to evaluate skills, team and culture fit and productivity. Direct placement fees apply upon successful hire.

If you need the best IT staff augmentation solutions Reach Us

If you need the best IT staff augmentation solutions that the industry Can produce for your company or project, reach us at

678-606-9026 EXT 404.

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